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GEM Recovery Systems a Financial Services Company, is a leader in the management of accounts receivable. Through its experienced staff, GEM provides a full range of accounts receivable management programs. 

A High Recovery - GEM establishes a collection curve for every client. This enables ARMC to monitor its performance at each stage of the relationship, and to accumulate performance statistics.
Responsiveness - GEM’s dedicated client services staff is always available to ensure that clients' requests are immediately addressed. 
Timely Reporting - GEM’s system efficiently generates both standard and custom reports. 

Trust.  At GEM you can expect a professional, business-like approach to collecting what is owed to your company, physician group, or hospital;.  Yet we are also aware that your customers, patients, and payers, too, must be treated with respect.  It is a fine line between maintaining your relationships and collecting what is due.  Trust the professionals at GEM to know the right approach - and to work all accounts to resolution.







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